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Sunnycroft bloggers

Name:   Claire Reeves

Job title:   House and Visitor Services Manager

What I do: I manage Sunnycroft! That’s everything from 5 members of staff; 130 volunteers including car park attendants, guides and office administrators; to ensuring we are open to visitors; checking and maintaining visitor facilities; recruiting memberships; the care and conservation of our collection and building; banking and administration including group visits, tours and queries; catering; events and anything else that comes Sunnycroft’s way!

Name: Joel Richards

Job Title: Gardener

What I do:  The National Trust took Sunnycroft on in 1997 and  I have been working in this role since 1998.  Sunnycroft had sadly become extremely overgrown prior to The National Trust taking it on and it requires a lot of hands to ensure that it does not fall back into its previous state!  I have a fantastic team of volunteers who help keep us on top of main jobs in the garden.

Megan Cullinan - Assistant House and Visitor Services Manager

Name: Megan Cullinan

Job Title:  Assistant House and Visitor Services Manager

What I do: I have a wonderfully varied role here at Sunnycroft. One day, I could be duty managing, ensuring all our wonderful volunteers are happy, and keeping the property ticking over. The next, I could be recruiting new members, doing the washing up for the tearoom, and maintaining the visitor facilities. In between, I manage a team of conservation volunteers to care for the collection, look after the finance, help with exhibitions and events, deal with bookings, bake cakes and even feature on the radio!

Lizzie Bennett

Name: Lizzie Bennett

Job Title: Tea Room Supervisor

What I do:  I am in charge of anything to do with catering at Sunnycroft. I have an excellent team of volunteers working in the Tea room with me, as well as helping with behind the scenes work too!

I organise the supply of cakes and yummy treats you see in the Tea room, make all the sandwiches and ensure you have a lovely time in the Tea room with a nice cup of tea!


Name: Julie Moore

Job Title: Garden volunteer

What I do: I’m often found edging the lawns or working in the veg patch but particularly love pottering around in the conservatory and greenhouse.   I also help with garden tours from time to time and am helping with research on the early Sunnycroft gardeners.